EIF: Talent Show 2013 (feat. Thu Tran, John Moschitta Jr., Wham City and more!)

Music! Performance! Spectacle! If EIF! is all about chaos (which it totally is), then this show in particular sums up what it’s really all about. A tradition steeped in history, from middle school auditoriums to family resorts in the Poconos, the Great American Talent Show is getting turned on its square-ass head for the EIF Talent Show 2013, featuring a downright DELIGHTFUL array of acts. Highlighting this unforgettable evening of weirdness and awesome fun is a live set by Ben O’Brien and Alan Resnick of the East Coast comedy collective Wham City — and headlining this cacophony is the Food Party duo of Thu Tran and Matt Fitzpatrick, who’ll please your earballs and eyelobes with A Maze From Hell: an experimental projection experience containing a virtual maze, death traps and light puppets, all set to an original minimalist electronic score. Plus, a verbal demonstration of voracious verbosity by legendary record-breaking fast-talker John “Motormouth” Moschitta Jr. (aka the fast-talking FedEx guy, aka the fast-talking Micro Machines guy.) If you hate non-stop entertainment, then be warned, for this might be the coolest show of all time. More acts TBA!

Watch our trailer for the EIF Talent Show 2013!