Last year’s team-up with our friends in found footage fevery and thievery, Everything Is Terrible!, was such a blast, we knew we had to make this an annual institution.  We saw the possibility for Everything Is Festival! to be more than just a found footage celebration, and that if we combined it with Cinefamily’s previous annual Comedy Festival, we’d have something really special: a kind of gonzo convention for the most insane collectors of film and video ephemera (all of our friends basically), mixed in with with all of our favorite people on frontier of the comedy scene — people pushing the envelope of what comedy even is.  Is that funny or just fuckin’ weird?  Does it even matter?  Is truth stranger than fiction?  It’s everything both Everything is Terrible! and Cinefamily both love: discovery, weirdness, and just plain fun. Here’s what’s confirmed so far:

  • - A live panel feat. the writing staff from Conan O’Brien’s TBS talk show “Conan”!
  • - Andrew W.K.’s brand-new über-motivational live lecture!
  • - Mark Hosler (of Negativland)’s Adventures In Illegal Art: a live video/storytelling presentation on the history of Negativland’s infamous and hilarious media hoaxes!
  • - A tribute to the Firesign Theater, with founding Firesign members Phil Proctor and Peter Bergman!
  • - Neil Hamburger’s tribute to Dora Hall, the queen of “vanity entertainment”!
  • - a rare 35mm screening of Joe Dante’s legendary Movie Orgy, the epic four-hour late ’60s found footage marathon!
  • - The Pelican Brief Project: a completely weird live re-scoring by Candybox Violence!
  • - Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation: the legendary ’80s VHS shot-for-shot remake of Raiders by a cast & crew of teenagers in Mississippi — with the film’s star Chris Strompolos in person!
  • - a megamix show of Cinefamily and Everything Is Terrible!’s favorite supercuts and trash compactors, featuring a live appearance by FourFour!
  • - a sneak preview of The Agency, the psyche-shattering new animated feature from David O’Reilly (“The External World”) & Vernon Chatman (“Wonder Showzen”)!
  • - The return of Rob Schrab & Dan Harmon’s Found Crap!
  • - A live version of IFC’s Food Party”, with host Thu Tran in person!!!!
  • - Sledgehammer: one of the earliest and most insane SOV (shot-on-video) horror films ever — with star Ted Prior in person!
  • - the return of the Found Footage Battle Royale!
  • - Everything Is Terrible! & Friends: assorted madness from EIT! and their favorite pals they’ve met on their mystical found footage journey (Black Magic Rollercoaster, Showbeast, Rem Lazar, Paul Crik and Brain Bludgeon!)
  • …and much, much more!

EIF! Festival Pass – $90 (Festival Passes will not be available at the box office during any EIF! show. Online sales of Festival Passes will close 5 days before the start of the first EIF! showtime.)

Tickets to individual shows – TBA

(CINEFAMILY MEMBERS: EIF! Festival Passes are available for a $20 non-refundable registration fee; the Pass includes schwag bag, patio & after-party access. If members do not wish to purchase the Festival Pass, they can receive free admission to a maximum of four EIF! shows (details coming soon!) For more info on getting your Cinefamily member Festival Pass for $20, please contact bret@cinefamily.org)

EIF! Festival Pass