Espresso Bongo Happening (feat. A Bucket Of Blood, Dick Miller in person!)

Calling all the happening-est hepcats — this scene’s slated for crashville! It’s the Espresso Bongo Happening, man — the party so far-out, it’ll etch you a new orbit. Synchronize your snappities for a totally cookin’ night of Beatnik ephemera, cartoons, crazy cool clips, a flaming hot live jazz combo, and a 35mm screening of Roger Corman’s Beatnik freakfest A Bucket of Blood. The zip-zap-zoopidee vibes will reach a fever pitch and culminate in our very own coffeehouse poetry reading, at which both your heart and your cat will be stolen. Also on the slate are transmissions from luminaries Brother Theodore, Lord Buckley, Ken Nordine, Maynard J. Krebs, and scenes from Beatsploitation shores as far-flung as The Subterraneans, Bell, Book and Candle, and Funny Face. Leave your used-to-be’s at your old man’s digs, strap on a goatee, and coast into the grooviest of grooves, babies! A Bucket Of Blood star Dick Miller will be here in person for a Q&A after the film!
A Bucket Of Blood Dir. Roger Corman, 1959, 35mm, 66 min.

Watch Cinefamily’s trailer for “A Bucket Of Blood” and the Espresso Bongo Happening!