Escape To Witch Mountain (star Kim Richards in person!)

A double dose of bewitching ‘70s tween classics, with Escape To Witch Mountain star Kim Richards and “Kid Power” author/editor Kier-la Janisse in person!

Children float in midair — coat racks come to life and attack mean adults — and wild animals are putty in the hands of Tony and Tia Malone, in the thrilling Disney fantasy adventure about the psychic powers of two young orphans. In a pre-Harry Potter landscape, the idea of kids with witchy ways was a more dark, secret affair; from the very beginning, the film’s hallucinatory-cum-Scooby Doo tone perfectly sets the mood, in line with other paranormal touchstones of the era like In Search Of… and The Devil’s Triangle. Our young co-stars Kim Richards and Ike Eisenmann are precocious beyond their years, genuinely dazzled and dazzling as our tour guides through one of the most enjoyable romps from the golden age of Disney live-action.
Dir. John Hough, 1975, 35mm, 97 min.

Before the feature, it’s one of Kier-la Janisse’s fave Afterschool Specials. One of ABC’s most prolific Afterschool directors was Larry Elikann, who turned in this much-beloved adaptation of the 1974 Jean Robinson book, which casts the dream-team of Lance Kerwin (Salem’s Lot, James at 15) and Ike Eisenmann. Duffy (Eisenmann) is a diminutive, picked-on kid who believes that his newly-acquired self-help book will give him the special powers to overcome adverse forces, especially the dreaded neighbourhood bully Boots McAfee. Kerwin plays the supportive friend who tries to convince Duffy that his real power is KID POWER — and that it lies within.
Dir. Larry Elikann, 1976, 16mm, approx. 30 min.

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