Erotique Fantastique Masquerade Ball

Co-presented by Finders Keepers Records / B-Music

It’s a gothic erotic masquerade, featuring dark disco dance party DJ sets by the Killing Spree crew, a performance by Geneva Juacuzzi and a live score to a special re-vamped version of Jean Rollin’s Rape of the Vampire, the very first French vampire film!  One of the most underrated and misunderstood directors to emerge from the rising smoke of the 1968 Parisian social explosion, Rollin is best known for his films in the “fantastique” genre (the French tradition of blending horror and fantasy) — and Rape of the Vampire, with its hypnagogic non-linear narrative, coupled with copious amounts of sex and violence, is a mesmerizing masterpiece of surrealist horror itching for re-interpretation!  Tonight, UK haunt-ologists Demdike Stare + Anworth Kirk conduct a darkly hypnotic, beat-driven, industrial-concrete and ghost-ambient backbeat to this moody black-and-white classic — so don your velvet cape and harlequin headgear, and step out in style!  Seriously, it’s a Masquerade Ball — so come in costume!

Watch our trailer for the Erotique Fantastique Masquerade Ball!

Watch an excerpt from “The Rape of the Vampire”!
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