MISSOURI: Ernest Scared Stupid

Given that our whole midnights road trip is full of dark and delicious creepfests, we thought it was time to lighten the mood a little — by inviting everybody’s favorite know-it-all to scare up heaps of hilarity, in this terrifying beast blast of insane Halloween festivity. Ernest P. Worrell and his pint-sized pals of Briarville, Missouri are under siege when the loveable lunkhead accidentally awakens a kid-hungry troll and its evil offspring. Snot-nosed, booger-lipped ghoulies (deliriously designed by the Killer Klowns’ Chiodo Brothers) are on the loose, crashing parties and turning kids into tiny toothpicks — and not even Rimshot, Ernest’s canine companion, is safe from their reign of terror. So grab a frosty jug of Miak, kick back and prepare for non-stop rubber-faced slapstick, delirious mugging, colorful thrills and a totally good time, as this witches’ brew will tickle your tummy and bonk your noggin.
Dir. John R. Cherry III, 1991, 35mm, 91 min.