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David Lynch’s infamous debut mind-scraper is the full embodiment of pure cinema, and, four decades later, has lost none of its primal power to shock and amaze. A key player in the original midnight movie revolution of the 70s, and one of those rare films that truly deserves its cult status, Eraserhead is horrifyingly original: a nightmarish landscape where stunning B&W cinematography, groundbreaking industrial sound design and a singular hallucinatory vision — brimming with images of bodily assault and decay, sexual revulsion and unidentifiable mechanical constructions — all melt into a glorious subconscious abyss. Which is to say the film is completely badass, and a landmark jawdropper in the realm of the weird ‘n wild. A surprisingly thorough primer in the visual motifs that would come to dominate both Lynch’s later film and television work, Eraserhead is a must-see touchstone for all cinematic explorers.

Dir. David Lynch, 1977, 35mm, 89 min.

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