EIF Video Variety Show 2013 (feat. sneak preview of Everything Is Terrible Is Getting A Bad Rap!)

One of the very reasons Everything Is Festival! was born: it’s a found footage fantasia, a collage of collages, a seaside video clambake where the weather’s fine and the beached medical waste is at a minimum! In this compendium of newly compiled works, it’s the next eye-searing installment from Rob Schrab’s Found Crap, sneak preview excerpts from Cinefamily’s forthcoming original show The Most Outrageous Moments In Acting, and Everything Is Terrible!’s musical monstrosity Everything Is Terrible! Is Getting A Bad Rap.

Can we B real 4 a second? Everything Is Terrible! is here to stay, and they like fake rap in every way! Everyone knows rap music is best when performed by white people, usually when they’re promoting reasonably priced hammed-burgers — so doesn’t it make sense to (at long last) witness and celebrate the REAL birth of hip-hop? To prove that they’re still ‘with it’ and ‘urban,’ EIT!’s Ghoul Skool and Robotkid have taken the entire history of the co-opting of cool, and bashed it all together into one continuous mix that will not only please your earballs, but also your eyelobes. We’re talking kids rappin’ ’bout stamps, and claymation doughboys spittin’ rhymes ’bout crescent rolls. And you’d never in a billion years think old ladies can rap — but they totally can. This new mix is an experience that flows so well, by the time it’s all over you’ll probably never want listen to music ever again, for various reasons. And it don’t stop — WORD!

Watch the trailer for “Everything Is Terrible! Is Getting A Bad Rap”!
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