EIF: TV Tuesdays presents Mondo Public Access (feat. "Beauty Day"!)

MONDO PUBLIC ACCESS (feat. live performances by David Liebe Hart, Francine Dancer & Harvey Sid Fisher!) – 8:00pm
The people have spoken — and what they’re saying is weird! Once upon a time, before YouTube, remote control renegades itching to scratch the underbelly of the idiot box needed to look no further than their local listings for those two hallowed words — “public access” — to know that their cable bill dollars were hard at work. Join us for one of our signature Cinefamily mondo mixes, featuring the titans of the community-based tube: expect potty-mouthed psychics, lip-synching divas, confessional call-in chaos, psychedelic pranksters, greenscreen fallout, and, of course, clinically insane people with their pets — all getting down and doing their thing in our living room. Scrambling cable boxes and brains alike, these extraordinary ordinary people made legendary non-commercial television in the untamed wilderness of the airwaves. Who said the FCC never did you any favors? We’ll also salute the public access heroes that made Hollywood proud, with LIVE APPEARANCES by David Liebe Hart, Francine Dancer and Harvey Sid Fisher!

BEAUTY DAY – approx. 9:30pm (filmmaker Jay Cheel in person!)
Canada’s most ahead-of-his-time public access artiste — and the man who literally broke his neck for ratings — is the subject of Beauty Day, the life-affirming doc on a mad genius-turned-viral-smash-hit. “What motivates someone to snort eggs through their nostrils, ski off a rooftop or attempt to remove a swimming pool cover through the most reckless method imaginable? Welcome to the mind of Ralph Zavadil, better known by his fans as ‘Cap’n Video’. Years before Jackass, Tom Green and the YouTube era of instant fame, Zavadil’s 1990s cable access TV show brought him notoriety — but the self-produced program was abruptly cancelled after an unfortunate Easter stunt involving chocolate, an obese rabbit and cute puppies. Blending vintage video footage of Zavadil’s stunts with his present attempts to stage an anniversary special, filmmaker Jay Cheel delivers a Herzog-inspired adventure of a pioneer living life on the edge, filled with humour, heart and its share of bodily fluids.” — Alex Rogalski, Hot Docs Filmmaker Jay Cheel in person!
Dir. Jay Cheel, 2011, digital presentation, 92 min.

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “Mondo Public Access”!

Watch the trailer for “Beauty Day”!
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