EIF: The Phynx (hosted by Patton Oswalt)


Patton Oswalt’s long been the kind of smart, passionate filmic crate-digger we love to hang with — and he’s back in our house to present the first L.A. 35mm screening in ten years of The Phynx: a most curious curio from the death throes of old-school Hollywood, back when it was desperately clutching for the post-Easy Rider youth market. Pop quiz: name the movie that stars Richard Pryor, Colonel Sanders and Busby Berkeley all in the same 90 minutes? This bubblegum pop parody/sub-Get Smart Albanian spy caper/world’s record attempt for most cameos in a single flick very quickly came and went, with no home video release on any format until just a few months ago. The Phynx is not just an avalanche of cameo porn — it’s a cameo porno holocaust, with crusty stars of yesteryear crammed in next to Baby Boomer hepcats, and, yes, even the real-life KFC maven. Weirder than it has any right to be, and with a sick sense of lysergic humor that only other Hollywood bombs like Skidoo could quasi-pull off, The Phynx is a theatrical experience Seventies civilians were simply unprepared for (and we’re not too sure we’re yet prepared for it today either!)
Dir. Lee H. Katzin, 1970, 35mm, 81 min.

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