EIF: The Dragon Lives Again (ultra-rare 35mm print!)


Literal hundreds of imitators have tried to take the throne vacated by the late Bruce Lee (Bruce Li, Bruce Lo, Bruce Lei, etc.), and none of them compare to Bruce Leung and his hallucinatory The Dragon Lives Again. While this isn’t the only film that follows the afterlife of Bruce and his misadventures through Hell — it’s absolutely the best! The Dragon finds himself stuck in Hades, and in order to defend the King Of The Underworld’s throne he must fight (here goes!): Dracula, James Bond, The Man With No Name, The Exorcist, Emmanuelle, Zatoichi the Blind Swordsman, and even softcore sexpot Emmanuelle! “Since this is obviously too formidable of a lineup for even Lee to take on by himself he enlists the aid of fellow souls damned for eternity: Kwai Chang Caine, the One Armed Swordsman and that most accomplished martial artist of them all, Popeye. Yes, that’s right, Popeye. As in Popeye the Sailor Man, the cartoon character.” (Mark Johnston, Shocking Videos.) The Dragon Lives Again first hit the Cinefamily screen as a Everything Is Terrible presentation back in 2011 — and now, thanks to the tireless efforts of Austin’s American Genre Film Archive, we’re able to give this film an unbelievable 35mm screening!
Dir. Kei Law, 1977, 35mm, 90 min.

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