EIF: The 100 Most Outrageous Action Scenes (feat. Lady Terminator!)

If you’ve ever been to a showing of Cinefamily’s “The 100 Most Outrageous Kills” around Halloween time, or “The 100 Most Outrageous Fucks” on Valentine’s Day — then you KNOW that the concept is a mind-blowing mix night of some of the most psyche-shattering clips on the subject at hand you’ve ever seen. Join us for the world premiere of our brand-new show “The 100 Most Outrageous Action Scenes”, just in time for EIF! Plus, after intermission, it’s one of the most gonzo action films from the “Mondo Macabro” film universe, Lady Terminator!
Lady Terminator Dir. H. Tjut Djalil, 1989, 35mm, 82 min.

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “The 100 Most Outrageous Action Scenes”!