EIF - Star Wars: Uncut

One of our age’s great odes to communal creativity, Star Wars: Uncut is a shot-for-shot reinterpretation of the canonical 1977 sci-fi classic — cinematically retold by almost 500 different directors, all in 15-second “microchapters”! Using every single conceivable homemade live-action and animation angle, the crowdsourced team of filmmakers’ efforts to lovingly re-create Episode IV: A New Hope down to the last detail is awe-inspiring, heartwarming, and a fantastic testament to the power of our 21st-century democratized tools of creation. “[At] any point in ‘Star Wars: Uncut’, [you’ll] see Jedi children in suburban driveways, hand puppets, motion graphics, action figures, and hundreds of other no-budget techniques on display. The source material is so deeply embedded in our consciousness that no matter the style or homage — nods to Bergman, ‘Yellow Submarine’ and Simpsons characters abound — it’s impossible to lose your place, or your grin.” — Willamette Week. Don’t miss your chance to see this legendary viral video phenomenon in a unique, cozy Cinefamily big-screen setting!

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “Star Wars: Uncut”!