EIF: Show & Tell w/ Joel Hodgson

Co-presented by A Special Thing

Show & Tell: a Cinefamily series that invites artists, filmmakers, musicians and other cultural heroes to divulge their deepest, darkest media obsessions by opening their closets, digging through their attic and plundering their garages to curate an evening of whatever they want to share! From thrift store finds to late-night Tivo, from foreign film bootlegs to home movies, from the popular to the perverse — all media will be presented live by the honored guests, as they take us on a personal tour of the audio, video and other ephemera that has inspired them, delighted them, or just plain freaked them out.

For our Everything Is Festival! 2012 edition, we very, very proudly welcome Joel Hodgson — creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Cinematic Titanic! Joel will show off not only his collection of ventriloquist dummies, but also various TV pilots he’s been involved in over the years (like the infamous The TV Wheel), and much more!