EIF - Schrab & Harmon's Found Crap: 2012 Festival Edition!

Co-presented by A Special Thing

Dan Harmon, formerly of NBC’s Community, and writer/director Rob Schrab have been fascinated by crap of all kinds for decades. In this 7th installment of Found Crap, Dan and Rob study a barrage of clips from bad comedy, sci-fi, horror and explainably odd footage. Anyone who has attended a Found Crap show in the past knows what’s in store, and all we can say to newcomers is make sure to have an extra pair of diapers with you, because you’re most likely going to poop your pants from laughing so damn hard. FEATURING: Midwest, video “horror” from the 90′s by Paul Knop, The infamous TALENT SHOW clip and probably Turkey Gun.

Watch the trailer for “Schrab & Harmon’s Found Crap: 2012 Festival Edition”!