EIF: Rock 'N' Roll Hotel

Like the Ark Of The Covenant emerging from its decades-long slumber in a dusty, secret government warehouse, the long-lost, unreleased ‘80s musical Rock ‘N’ Roll Hotel has emerged from cold storage for its very first Los Angeles screening EVER. Alright, so it might not a key to harnessing the heavens — but it definitely could be a real face-melter! Filmed in 1982, but permanently shelved for a variety of insane, thorny reasons, this feature-length neon-soaked music video (co-starring a young Judd Nelson) follows a rock trio who enter a Battle Of The Bands, going head-to-head with a rival group hellbent on grabbing the title, no matter what the cost. Originally shot in 3-D, Rock ‘N’ Roll Hotel was victim to both a trainwreck of a production and a botched non-release, and was thought lost for decades — until a lone VHS copy was recently excavated from the film’s set designer’s closet. Author Dale Brumfield, who discovered the film in 2010 and has the only known copy in existence, will be in attendance, to answer your burning questions about this mysterious rump-shaking oddity!

NOTE: our screening of Rock ‘N’ Roll Hotel is free. Suggested $12 donation at the door. To all who acquire advance tickets — thank you for your donation!

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “Rock ‘N’ Roll Hotel”!