EIF: Outsider Filmmakers A Go Go!

Beyond mainstream, beyond indie, and beyond the underground, there lies “outsider cinema”, the backyard domain of some of the world’s most creative, crafty, and truly cracked filmmakers ever to have cranked a camera (or to have ever hit the “record” button.) The handiwork of hobbyists for whom making movies is a release from the drudgery of a day job — or the escape valve for unquenched obsessions — these hidden-in-plain-sight masterminds work entirely without, and beyond the limits of conventional actors, storylines or even formal training. Whether it’s the expansive one-man casts of Los Angeles’ Laz Rojas (playing every male and female role), the vintage clockwork contraptions of San Diego’s Sid Laverents, the impassioned too-much-information asides of suburban Chicago’s Dave “The Rock” Nelson or the dizzying down-home charm of Arkansas’s Phil Chambliss, the results are always a unique and entertaining concoction of tall tales, nightmare visions, exhibitionistic fantasies and undefinable revelations. Join us in an epic presentation guaranteed to change the very idea of what a lone visionary is capable of — both in the field of art and in spite of it.

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