EIF: Monsters of Found Footage

In our gilded post-media age — where every single frame of video, every audio utterance, and everything else that could possibly be gloriously recontextualized is messed with on a regular basis — we forget that there was a time, one even less than a decade ago, when this was not commonplace. There once stood at the gates of Ye Olde Found Footage Fortress an intrepid network of analog dragonslayers whose provocative experimentation, hilarious juxtapositions and eye-popping visual acumen helped to create a new language of cinema through creative theft. These pioneers of perverting other people’s intellectual property all have amazing stories to tell about their days in the trim bin trenches — so come witness a live panel of found footage experts featuring TV Carnage, Animal Charm, the TV Sheriff, Craig Baldwin and more! These folks have all never before been together on the same stage, so this show promises to be a real humdinger that might actually rip a hole in the fabric of the time-space continuum.