EIF: Heavy Hitter Midnites presents Miami Connection (director Y.K. Kim in person!)

Presented by Heavy Hitter Midnites, Alamo Drafthouse and Drafthouse Films

There are films that we save for a rainy day — and, baby, it’s fucking pouring! THE most entertaining film you will see. Ever. Directed by 9th-degree black belt philosopher/author/inspirational speaker Grandmaster Y.K. Kim, Miami Connection tells the story of fearless synth rock band Dragon Sound, as they embark on a roundhouse wreck-wave of crime-crushing justice in the streets of Orlando, FL. “‘Miami Connection’ has repeatedly destroyed our audience in a more powerful way than anything else in the 15 years of our theater’s existence.” – Zack Carlson, Alamo Drafthouse Y.K. Kim will be here at the Cinefamily for a Q&A after the film — can you believe it?!?!
Dir. Y.K. Kim, 1987, 35mm, 90 min.

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “Miami Connection”!