EIF - MEMBERS-ONLY EVENT: Super-Secret Horror Film "Long-Lost 35mm" show!

NOTE: First-come, first-served admission to this event is only for current Cinefamily members +1

Taking the “gonzo archivist convention” aspect of Everything Is Festival! to its logical and deliciously delirious conclusion, the penultimate EIF! show features a certain classic horror film that has been “off the market”, theatrically-speaking, for at least the past several years — until now. Why, you ask? Because, up until this very moment, there have been zero extant 35mm prints of it anywhere on the collectors’ circuit. Which, when you find out the title of the film in question, is totally shocking, because it’s one of those pictures that we all have taken for granted. Hot-off-the-presses news: a friendly motion picture archive has just uncovered a 35mm print of this film stashed away in the deep recesses of a recently-donated collection, and Everything Is Festival! 2012 marks the first time the print will see the light of day. As a bonus Cinefamily members, this late-night screening party is just for you — plus, the title of the film will only be revealed right before this show starts. CAN YOU HANDLE THE EXCITEMENT?!?!