EIF: Everything is Terrible Presents “The Rise and Fall of God”

aka Everything is Terrible! Presents “The Rise and Fall of God” or “Religion’s Greatest Shits!” or “God Is Alive And Well And Living in Branson”

Since ‘07, the found-footage collective Everything Is Terrible! has not only amassed so much gooey analog gold that even sifting through it as a viewer proves to be a problem — but also a few “cease and desist” letters that have forced the gang to bury some of their weirdest and most outrageous stuff. Well, fuck that! For one very special show, EiT! is proud to present the greatest thing to ever happen to VHS: organized religion! Whether you’re a God-fearing lunatic or an annoying atheist blowhard, let’s put our differences aside and laugh in the face of our Lord while demanding he proves his existence once and for all!

Watch the trailer for “The Rise And Fall Of God”!