EIF: Cute Animal Film Festival

If there’s one thing we can bank on, it’s that we know how to make you squeal with an avalanche of kitties, puppies, ponies, bunnies — an avalanche of found-footage adorability. Last year’s Festival brought you “The Feline Gaze” — and this time, we’ve opened the doors big and wide on a bona fide animal kingdom cavalcade of cuteness that’s sure to leave you wagging your tail and howling for more. We’ll be exploring the realm of the cuddly from every angle: cats vs. dogs, birds vs. cats, goats vs. goats, sloths vs. baby hedgehogs — every organism that ever made us go “awww.” Plus, we’ll present a curated selection from Lost & Found Film Club’s endless archive of 16mm films from the golden age of cute. WARNING: You may find that your heart has grown three sizes larger by the end of this program.

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for the “Cute Animal Film Festival”!

Watch the epic “Slow Loris Eating Banana”!
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