EIF: Comic Relief Zero - An Everything Is Terrible! Stand-Up Special (feat. Tony Clifton live!)

Everything is Terrible! — the dumb-faced, narcissistic goof-troupe of found footage — are dishing out their very first stand-up comedy special: Comic Relief Zero. This special is the opposite of special, jam-packed with the most cringe-inducing set-ups and bomb-dropping punchlines ripped from their magnetic video tape time capsules. Today’s hottest ventriloquists, racists, prop comics, sexists, impersonators, homophobes, and talk show hosts wish this footage was still in the landfills, for the streets will run blue with these wanton wisecracks about women, fat people puns, and disability gags galore. Are you oppressed and underrepresented in society? Well then, watch out as we pull back the banana peel and take a head-first descent into the brick wall of our own mind. Plus, the fur-covered, glitter-smothered gang from EIT! will emcee the festivities, bringing all the costumed merriment that has made EIT! live shows (in)famous. Outrageously funny — and totally clean. Plus, legendary decades-spanning comic Tony Clifton will be here in person to lay waste to the audience as he closes the show with a live set!

Watch the teaser trailer for “Comic Relief Zero”!
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