EIF: Cinefamily's Most Outrageous Video Games (encore show!)

Plug in, put on your Power Glove and hold on to your heart capsules, because we’re blowing the dust off the craziest cartridges, most deranged discs and buggiest little-known consoles ever to jiggle your joysticks. Take a nostalgic stroll through an 8-bit wonderland of early gaming breakthroughs and experiments. Thrill to a montage of the outrageous kills that shocked a generation of parents. Cringe at the most uncomfortably “sexy” games this side of the uncanny valley, settle your score with infamous franchise fiascos like Moonwalker, Alf, and E.T., pig out on pixelated FMV failures and HFS cutscenes galore. Just don’t forget to bring your memory cards, because this show promises “extra lives” worth of excited entertainment. Then, after the show, join us in our upstairs gallery for the Island Of Misfit Video Games, where we’ll have a glitchy good time into the wee hours of the night with live consoles dishing out the weirdest of the weird for us to play together — so NintenDON’T miss out! Grab your tickets now, as they’ll be gone faster than you can say “UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT A B B A!”

“ISLAND OF MISFIT VIDEO GAMES” interactive exhibit
Ever wonder what children of the apocalypse do when they aren’t terrorizing the Wastelands? If they are anything like us, they probably had an awesome post-apocalyptic game room — and now so do we! Flamingoshoes & Cinefamily present “The Island of Misfit Video Games”: an interactive gallery of forgotten games (and their underrated consoles) lost to the mists of history. Cinefamily’s upstairs gallery has been transformed into an arcade full of aging game relics like the Atari 2600, Sega Dreamcast, Colecovision, and even the storied Panasonic 3DO (outfitted with the legendary R-rated game “Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties”!) Plus, of course, the classic NES will be on hand, with truly wretched games like “Bible Adventure” and “Taboo: The Sixth Sense!” Trip out to “Atari Video Music,” Atari’s ultimate stoner music video device from the ’70s. Play some of the 2600′s most shameful and exploitive games, like “E.T.” and the infamous “Custer’s Revenge.” Best of all, thrill to the mind-bending might of “The Terrible Machine”, a groundbreaking new interactive arcade experience that allows players to instantly remix classic VHS footage into a monstrous audio/visual mashup! Get your ass on that Powerpad and grab your extra life. You will want to spend it here. Premiering at the exhibit is The Terrible Machine, a groundbreaking new interactive arcade experience that allows players to instantly remix classic VHS footage into a monstrous audio/visual mashup! Jam with your friends to create the ultimate found-footage funk! Created by Robotkid, the A/V nerd behind the hit video mashup app “VidRhythm” for iOS.

Watch our original trailer for “Cinefamily’s Most Outrageous Video Games”! NOTE: this trailer contains our debut showdate of Wednesday, Aug 14. This encore show takes place on Friday, Aug 16, 7:30pm

Watch the trailer for the new interactive found-footage arcade experience “The Terrible Machine”, premiering as part of The Island of Misfit Video Games!