EIF: Fox's ADHD Pizza Party (feat. Power Violence and YACHT!)

Join Fox’s brand-spanking-new, late-night animation block for a sizzling, bubbling Festival spectacular. ADHD sez:

“Animation Domination High-Def is throwing a pizza party as a part of the Everything Is Festival.

Power Violence is going to do most of the work by being funny on stage, and showing off their friendship. There will also be some stand-up by a ~surprise~ guest. Then, YACHT will do something experimental, musically. And then, ADHD will show an episode of Axe Cop and an episode of High School, USA!

Mostly we’ll all drink beer and eat pizza, because: BEER — AND PIZZA.

It costs $14. I know that may seem like a lot but: 1) it’s not; and 2) you’d spend that on one “specialty cocktail” by a “mixologist” at a bar you went to (in order to look cool), and, this way, you get drinks and food and laughs and new friends.”

Watch the trailer for “Fox’s ADHD Pizza Party”!