EIF: An Evening With Cynthia Rothrock (feat. "Yes, Madam")

Co-presented by the Grindhouse Film Festival

Fifty films, throngs of fans both here and throughout Asia, five Karate Illustrated Female World Champion titles, six black belts in different disciplines, a trail of asses kicked (if laid end-to-end) that would easily stretch ‘round the Equator — and she’s just getting warmed up! First capturing the American imagination in China O’Brien, the impossibly cool Cynthia Rothrock is one of the screen’s greatest solo mutilation squads, and we adore her to no end. Can you believe that Cynthia will join us on the Cinefamily stage, for a career-spanning Q&A that’ll make mincemeat out of the likes of your unworthy tuchus? From her beginnings as an aspiring teenage kung fu competitor to achieving the highest professional heights a disciple of the martial arts can achieve, to movie stardom first in Hong Kong followed by filmic fame on her home turf, Cynthia is peerless, powerful and a national treasure. YOU WILL SUBMIT! Plus, after the break, it’s time for Yes, Madam, one of Cynthia’s quintessential early HK actioners directed by Corey Yuen!

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