Eega is the best film about a man reincarnated as a housefly avenging his own murder that you will ever see. The film is completely insane, endlessly enjoyable, and absolutely unique. Only S.S. Rajamouli could show a fly causing a human to roll his car in a most spectacular fashion to end the first half of the film, and then follow it up by making that seem like mere distraction for the really good stuff.” — J. Hurtado, TwitchFilm

We Cinefamilians absolutely adore our “when animals attack” horror films — but what happens when it’s a human-reincarnated-as-a-housefly flick, and what happens when it’s not a horror film, but a Die Hard-level revenge actioner? The answer is the deliriously deranged Eega, a truly inspired over-the-top piece of 2012 wackiness from the world of Tollywood: one of India’s largest regional filmmaking hubs. Its loopy CGI rendering of a spiteful insect hero seeking to annihilate the mob thug who murdered his previous human iteration, and the out-there lengths to which the director Rube Goldbergs said carnage ensues, is a damned sight to behold.
Dirs. S.S. Rajamouli & J.V.V. Sathyanarayana, 2012, digital presentation, 145 min.

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