ECSTATIC TRANCE: A Live Cinema Performance of Music Rituals by Vincent Moon + Priscilla Telmon (Off-site at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater)

Co-presented by Zebulon and the Bob Baker Marionette Theater

This event will take place off-site, at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater

Vincent Moon and Priscilla Telmon in-person for a cineperformance featuring live music and mixing of videos they have shot around the world under the label Petites Planètes. Focusing on rituals and spiritual ceremonies that contain a musical component, the evening will include a preview of their new Brazil project: Híbridos. Moon took the music world by storm with his “Take Away Show” videos with bands such as Beirut and the Arcade Fire, and has perfected his signature style in recent years working with his partner Prisclla Telmon, focusing on ethnographic sound – often around indigenous communities. Includes a marionette performance and reception with artists to follow. Co-presented with Zebulon and introduced by Steve Holmgren and Franny Alfano.