Dumb Names In Movies!

One of the most consistently funny new Tumblrs we’ve seen in a very long time happens to be done by someone dear to the Cinefamily’s heart! Everyone get ready — here comes Dumb Names In Movies!

Evan Husney — a longtime appreciator of the goofy, the inane and the totally maddening — has just started a genius screenshot collection of movie credits featuring crew member names so fitfully wrong-sounding that it seems as if someone made them up! It’s a game we’ve all played at one time or another, after the end credits roll on something you’ve just watched at the multiplex — but Evan’s taking it to a whole other level, as he scours the entire world of cinema for the craziest, the silliest and just plain insane names buried in the dark, dusty realm of the End Credits Brigade.

As Evan simply puts it:

There is a reason people like you and me sit and wait to watch ALL OF THE CREDITS at the end of movies. It’s because we want to see who has the dumbest name of all. This blog is dedicated to archiving all of those names. And we WILL get them all. Everyday a name will be named!!

Here’s the best part: you can get in on the action yourself, by submitting your favorite dumb names! Hit ‘em up at dumbnamesinmovies@gmail.com — you can also tweet them to @DumbNames or Facebook them here! Evan updates the site twice daily with the dumbest of the dumb, so check the site out often!