Duelle (Off-site at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater)

Live DJ set by Mark Wright of Decadanse Soiree + after-party, snacks and a puppet show before the film!

Presented by La Collectionneuse & MUBI
This event will take place off-site at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater, located at 1345 W 1st St, Los Angeles, CA 90026.

“The Girls of Fire,” an incomplete group of films by Jacques Rivette, is undoubtedly one of the most criminally overlooked corners of cinema. Conceived in 1976, the films were inspired as much by the mystical writings of Gerard de Nerval, the arcane origins of Mardi Gras, and certain Hollywood postwar genre films as by magic, ritual and a quest to invent an entirely new form of mise en scène. Join us for an extremely rare screening of the first of these, Duelle. Experience the bewitching Goddess of the Sun (radiant Bulle Ogier) and the Goddess of the Moon (luminous Juliet Berto) as they descend to Earth in search of a magical red diamond that will allow them to extend their stay in the mortal realm. With a glorious orchestration of color, costume, and sinuous, sinister camera moves, Duelle is infused with the occult noir spirit of Mark Robson’s The Seventh Victim and the poetic romanticism of Cocteau’s Knights Of The Round Table (the sole male cast-member is one of his dancers), and exists as one of those rare portals, a movie mirror through which the viewer may glide trembling to an endlessly seductive twilight world of invented myth.

Dir. Jacques Rivette, 1976, Digital Presentation, 121 min.

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