Dublab presents Light From Los Angeles

In this document of vibrant creativity from our always-inspiring city, Dublab and Digital Harinezumi have invited some of their favorite L.A. musicians to each contribute an original song with an accompanying film shot exclusively on Digital Harinezumi’s warm, tiny Super-8mm-for-the-digital-age cameras. These compact devices perfectly capture the magic light of our metropolis — and the resulting music videos are a modular film experience that can be reshuffled for each viewing.  Made under the Creative Commons license, these “Light From Los Angeles” songs and films allow for open, not-for-profit distribution and repurposing of the material — and those inspired by the project can remix the material into amazing, new forms. The evening also features a live set by Teebs!

Butchy Fuego
Carlos Niño & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
Farmer Dave Scher
Julia Holter + Nite Jewel
Lucky Dragons
Ras G
Sun Araw
Suzanne Kraft + Brogan Bentley
Sweatson Klank
Teebs + yuk.
The Long Lost

Watch the trailer for “Light From Los Angeles”!