dublab presents A Labrat Matinee 11: we spiked the concessions

Once the laced popcorn has soaked in, open your pupils wide to absorb a mind-zapping collage of rarely-seen music videos, comedy clips, far-out animation, new dublab films, and other eye-melting magic. Don’t miss these visions burning bright!!!

5-Second Films
Alex Constable
Alex Pelly
Ariana Natale
Bert Dijkstra
Chris Manak
Dandi Wind
Eric Coleman
Farmer Dave Scher
Hiro Murai
Jeremias Nieminen
Jon Clark
Josh Martin
June Zandona
Kahlil Joseph
Liam Lynch
Mahlberg Studios
Mark “frosty” McNeill
Matt Amato
Miko Revereza
Peter Glantz
Rogier Vijverberg
Ross Harris
Severiano Martinez
Shintaro Sakamoto
The Director Brothers
Tuomas Vauhkonen
Trace Marshall
Tripp Watt
Yelena Zhelezov
+ More!

Adventure Time
Andrew W. K.
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Grafitti
Baby Boogaloo
Contact Field Orchestra
Earl Sweatshirt
Egyptian Lover
Farmer Dave Scher
Flying Lotus
Freak City
Julia Holter
Karriem Riggins
Kelan Phil Cohran
Lady Lazarus
Moon Duo
Ras G
Sam Johnson
San Gabriel
Severiano Martinez
Shintaro Sakamoto
Tim Maia
Wild Nothing
+ More!

+ Custom opening film for A LABRAT MATINEE XI by Miko Revereza!

+ Intermission disco vision freakout featuring an In Flagranti video mega-mix!

Plus, during intermission, the Cinefamily’s Spanish Patio will host the assembled film freaks for a whole mess of mingling over musical tones. This experience will feature complimentary beer for the 21+ audience courtesy of the great folks at Lagunitas Brewing.

Watch the trailer for “dublab presents: A Labrat Matinee 11: We Spiked The Concessions”!