DRESS UP: Wonderwall (extremely rare 35mm print!)

It’s about time: a night out with the ladies (but all are welcome!) Once a month, it’s time to don your best and join the fashion parade, as host Alia Penner unlocks the door to a cascading realm of girl worlds: eye-pleasing fashionable films from across the decades that conjure up a perfect picture of ultra-chic threads, interiors, lines, shapes and other vogue-ish vittles. Also on hand are rare video clips, tea party receptions, and, best of all, a see-and-be-seen scene to die for — so arrive in your finest colors, and let’s get together.

For the inaugural Dress Up session, it’s an extremely rare stateside 35mm show of the Sixties psychedelic parade Wonderwall, with a blissed-out, raga-riffic George Harrison score, a star turn by Gainsbourg muse Jane Birkin, and scenario by Polanski scribe Gérard Brach. This comic fantasia concerns a elfin scientist sneaking increasing peeks at the beautiful lady and her amazing dream pad next door — as his obsession grows, so does the scope of his lavish, mesmerising dream sequences. An Eraserhead for the Carnaby Street paisley set — bathed in velvety greens, outrageous reds and enough heady high-street fashion photo shoots to make even Twiggy squeal — this is a prismatic theatrical experience, with peerless production design from Dutch collective The Fool (darlings of the London psych crowd), and directed by Joe Massot (the man behind the Led Zep concert film The Song Remains The Same.) Also showing: Joe Massot’s 1966 short Reflections on Love, beautifully documenting the groundbreaking Swinging London milieu.
Wonderwall Dir. Joe Massot, 1968, 35mm, 92 min.
Reflections on Love Dir. Joe Massot, 1966, 35mm, 14 min.

Watch the trailer for “Wonderwall”!
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