Dreams That Money Can Buy (w/ live score by Aska Matsumiya & Butchy Fuego!)

A panopoly of bright, exciting and colorful dream-state visions, executed by some of the 20th century’s greatest Surrealists — all in one feature! Dreams That Money Can Buy, the 1947 omnibus film with contributions by Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Alexander Calder and project ringleader Hans Richter (one of European cinema’s very first avant-garde artists) tells the story of a down-on-his-luck New York everyman who hatches a crazy get-rich-quick scheme: he’ll set up shop selling custom-made dreams to a host of quirky, frazzled customers. Ranging from Gothic reveries to showroom dummy soap operas, all the way to abstracted geometric universes, the film’s captivating, humorous and affecting fantasies — shot by the featured artists, with whimsical wraparounds by Richter — collide together to produce a totally unique, yet accessible experience that’s equal parts Bunuelian symbolism, modernist abstraction and Jack Smith-esque bedroom camp. Our screening’s dream sequences will be scored live by Aska Matsumiya, whose ethereal contributions to Moonrats, The Sads and her own solo works make the perfect complement to the film’s many mysterious moods. Tonight, Aska will also be joined by drummer Butchy Fuego!
Dir. Hans Richter, 1947, digital presentation, 99 min.

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