Dracula ("Spanish Version", w/ live score by Gary Lucas!)

“Any decent musician can score a silent film, but it takes a certain audacity — or perversity — to wrap new music around a talkie. [Here,] audaciously perverse Gary Lucas uses two guitars (one acoustic, one electric) and an array of effects pedals to evoke apocalyptic horsemanship, smothering spiderwebs, virgin appetites and the ineluctable cosmic dread of uber-vampyre Carlos Villarias. The old bloodsucker as never seem quite so vital.” — Richard Gehr, Village Voice

Grammy-nominated Gary Lucas, whom Rolling Stone calls “one of the best and most original guitarists in America”, returns to the Cinefamily to perform his solo live score to Dracula, although it’s not quite the same Dracula as you remember it. Unknown to most film-goers — even die-hard horror and fantasy cinema buffs — an alternate (and, many would hold, superior) version was filmed at night on the same sets as the famous Tod Browning/Bela Lugosi classic, with virtually the same script — but with a Spanish-speaking cast, in a production aimed at the burgeoning Latin market. The resulting film boasts more fluid camerawork, more atmospheric lighting, better performances — and, like the original, virtually no music beyond the opening and closing titles, leaving magnificent space for Lucas to musically flow beneath, between and behind this forgotten horror masterpiece’s darkest corners. Click here for more info on Gary Lucas — and click here for more on Gary’s score to “Spanish Dracula”!
Dracula (Spanish Version) Dir. George Melford, 1931, 104 min.

Watch an excerpt from Gary’s live score to “Spanish Dracula”!