Dr. Katz: The Audio Files Live!

Presented by Audible Comedy

When the beloved, Squigglevision-animated Dr. Katz aired its final episode in 1999 – after six memorable and amazing seasons – we were all left with comedy abandonment complexes. And maybe we’re projecting, but Dr. Katz was more than a comedy therapist to us; with his soft-spoken and laid back wit, empathetic spirit and kind humour, he was also one of the best TV dads around. Well, he’s back and ready to heal our wounds and renew our entertainment attachments, with a new audio series on Audible – the perfect format for his musical cadence and dry improvisational stylings. It’s Dr. Katz: The Audio Files – and we’re lucky enough to record one live here at Cinefamily, with Jonathan Katz, Laura Silverman, and 5 very special celebrity patients!

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