DOUG DIGS IT: Goon (w/ Evan Goldberg in person for Q&A!)

Sometimes Doug Benson likes to Interrupt movies — and then there’s times when he just wants to share a favorite with you “as is.” Basically, he asked if we could make an annual screening event out of the underrated comedy Goon, and we gladly said yes. Why? Because Doug Digs It.

Starring Seann William Scott and Liev Schreiber, Goon’s portrayal of a sweet dunderhead who lucks into hockey stardom through his brawling prowess fits the film in nicely between such underdog classics like Slap Shot, The Longest Yard and The Bad News Bears. As is so often important in the best sports comedies, the feeling that you could find yourself wanting to hang with the onscreen gang if they existed offscreen is very, very real. Doug sez: “I’m a big fan of pretty much every movie ever made about hockey or ice skating, don’t ask me why. I love Slap Shot, Miracle, The Cutting Edge, Ice Castles — even Blades of Glory. After finally getting around to watching Goon, I dare say I liked it better than all of those others. Which is why this ‘Doug Digs It’ annual show is happening. I just want to see it on a big screen with an appreciative audience. Join me, won’t you? I’m gonna be really high!”

Dir. Michael Dowse, 2011, DCP, 92 min.

Q: Will Doug and/or anybody else be talking during the movie?
A: No. It is instead a straight-ahead screening.

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