Doug Benson's Movie Interruption: Fright Night (1985 version!)

The next installment of Doug Benson’s Movie Interruption, where Doug and his friends (who, in the past, have included everyone from Brian Posehn to Sarah Silverman and Zach Galifianakis) chill on the front row couches, mics in hand, and say whatever hilarious thing pops into their heads while a movie of their choosing unfolds on the screen. For the first of two spooky October appearances, Doug & Co. tackle the toothy original 1985 version of Fright Night! With a fun cast that perfectly rides the line between horror and comedy, Fright Night is both a camp classic and a genuinely creepy tale with top-notch non-CGI special effects. And you just know Doug is gonna have as much fun as “Evil Ed” seems to be having inside the film, right?
Fright Night   Dir. Tom Holland, 1985, 35mm, 106 min.

Watch the trailer for “Fright Night”!
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