Doug Benson's Movie Interruption: Fast Five!

The next installment of Doug Benson’s Movie Interruption, where Doug and his friends (who, in the past, have included everyone from nerdist Chris Hardwick to metalist Brian Posehn) chill on the front row couches, mics in hand, and say whatever hilarious thing pops into their heads while a movie of their choosing unfolds on the screen. For July, Doug & Co. are on a roll, for they bring to you two different shows! July 25 sees them tackling Fast Five, the latest (and possibly greatest) flick in the Fast And The Furious franchise! Forgoing the usual car culture obsessions, this fifth entry in the series combines incredibly over-the-top heist setpieces and self-aware humor. Doug really wanted to see this when it came out a few months ago, but missed his first chance — so come see it as he and his band of quipslingers experience it for the first time!
Fast Five   Dir. Justin Lin, 2011, 35mm, 130 min.

Watch the trailer for “Fast Five”!
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