DON'T KNOCK THE ROCK: Try This At Home (world premiere, filmmakers & Allison Wolfe in person!)

The relatively tiny town of Olympia, WA has been home to a staggering ratio of indie rock royalty: Bikini Kill, Beat Happening, The Gossip, Sleater-Kinney, Bratmobile, Unwound, Kimya Dawson and a huge list of others. In the summer of ‘99, three UCLA film grads struck out to document Olympia’s Yo Yo A Go Go festival: a landmark Olympia event which brought together local unknowns, acclaimed performers like Elliott Smith, the Make-Up and Negativland, plus then-emerging talents like Mirah, the Microphones, and the Mountain Goats. The definitive portrait of a once-in-a-lifetime musical event, Try This At Home provides a time capsule of an extraordinarily creative period in the Pacific Northwest, and captures performances both intimate and raucous. It’s a call for artists to reinvent themselves and engage with their communities — wherever they may be. Filmmakers in person. Plus, Alison Wolfe (Bratmobile, Cold Cold Hearts) will be here to DJ, and participate in the Q&A!
Dirs. Cris Dupont, Thomas Logoreci & Elina Shatkin, 2014, digital presentation, 89 min.

Watch the trailer for “Try This At Home”!
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