DON'T KNOCK THE ROCK: The Blue Black Hussar

With Producer Mary-Rose Storey in person!
With Director Jack Bond on Skype!

“Don’t tread on an ant/You’ll end up black and blue,” warned Adam and the Ants’ in their 1980 single “Antmusic.” Adam Ant—universally recognized by the white stripe painted across his face, and the striking imagery of Prince Charming and The Dandy Highwayman—was at the height of his fame. Flash forward 20 years, and he was institutionalized for a myriad of mental health issues. But his pluck and intensity survived, and he’s out on his first tour in 15 years, as the Blue Black Hussar. Director Jack Bond charts Ant’s return to the music scene, in this doc featuring performance footage, actress Charlotte Rampling, producer Mark Ronson, and artist Allen Jones.

Dir. Jack Bond, 2013, Digital Presentation, 98 min.

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