DON'T KNOCK THE ROCK - My Secret World: The Story of Sarah Records (label co-founder Clare Wadd in person!) + Dream Boys Live!

“Sarah’s legacy is in thinking gloriously big, and believing that a label is more than a catalogue of disparate releases. They spanned everything from jangly, guitar-pop to ’70s DIY, but they all shared a knack for wide-eyed melodic vulnerability. After their 100th release they took out half-page ads in NME and Melody Maker announcing their demise: “We don’t do encores.” — NME.

Sarah Records co-founder Clare Wadd in person! In March 2015, the NME declared Sarah Records to be the second greatest indie label of all time, directly behind 4AD — and for good reason. Between 1987-1995, Sarah was possibly the most “indie” of all UK indie labels: one where the participants’ principles prevailed, and attitude and actions were just as important as the music. The label that released gems by twee-pop pioneers Heavenly, The Field Mice, Another Sunny Day, 14 Iced Bears, The Orchids, Boyracer and many more was buoyed over the years by heroics and belligerence, ephemeral-eternal-pop, fanzines and its incorruptible founders Clare Wadd and Matt Haynes. My Secret World is the very first documentary exploration of this highly influential and often misunderstood stable of incredible record releases.
Dir. Lucy Dawkins, 2014, HD presentation, 102 min.

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