DON'T KNOCK THE ROCK: Led Zeppelin Played Here (L.A. premiere, filmmaker Jeff Krulik in person!)

Starting with the brilliant landmark ‘80s short Heavy Metal Parking Lot, Jeff Krulik has blazed a trail of idiosyncratic documentary works that turn our pop-culture world on its ear, in an ongoing, charming portrait of skewed Americana. We proudly welcome Jeff’s return to Cinefamily with his latest feature doc, examining a strange chapter in Maryland/D.C. rock lore. It’s 1969: Man lands on the moon, half a million strong show up at Woodstock, Sesame Street makes its debut — and a young Led Zeppelin perform in the gym of the Wheaton Youth Center on Georgia Avenue, in front of fifty confused teenagers. Or did they…? Krulik sets out to separate the truth from the rumors, re: the endearing local legend about the night of January 20, 1969, during the first Presidential Inauguration of Richard Nixon. Featuring interviews with rock writers, musicians, and fans, including several who claim they were there witnessing history that night. Plus, a look at one of the most amazing collections of Led Zep memorabilia ever. Jeff Krulik in person — plus, Q&A moderated by Michael Des Barres (of Little Steven’s Underground Garage on SiriusXM!)
Dir. Jeff Krulik, 2013, digital presentation, 90 min.

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