DON'T KNOCK THE ROCK: BMI Roundtable 2015

Thanks to our good friends at BMI, Don’t Knock The Rock brings you another annual edition of its enormously popular and informative live chat about music in film, packed with a roster of industry experts. This roundtable explores both the perils and the innovative solutions around clearing music for your documentary, narrative film, TV or web show. In addition, we’ll get into how musicians can both save the day and get their foot in the door (through composing, or getting their songs placed), as they help service filmmakers and music supervisors in need.

Moderated by BMI musician/songwriter, actor and Sirius/XM DJ (“Little Steven’s Underground Garage”) Michael Des Barres. Panel guests Panel guests include Allison Anders, Tiffany Anders, J. Davis, Heather Mcintosh, Joshua Leonard, Andrew Zack & Doreen Ringer Ross..