Doc U: Using Archival Footage In Your Film

Incorporating archival footage into your doc can bring a level of authenticity unmatched by other means, furthering the film’s impact and reach. With literally thousands of hours of footage available from almost all of modern history’s major events, the biggest hurdle in using archival material may just be in knowing where (and how) to start looking. Footage firms, archives and libraries all exist to help you with this process. From initial research to negotiating the final licensing fee, we’ll discuss every aspect of using archival footage in your film. Join IDA Executive Director Michael Lumpkin for a discussion with industry experts including Clara Fon-Sing (Vice President & General Manager, NBC News Archives), Jackie Mountain (Vice President of Sales, T3Media) and the team of Peter Jones (Director, Johnny Carson: King of Late Night) and Brian Tessier (Supervising Producer, Johnny Carson: King of Late Night) for a discussion about the benefits and challenges in researching, procuring, and licensing archival footage for your film.

NOTE: we are unfortunately unable to offer Cinefamily members discounted admission to this event.