Doc U: Fine Cut - Exploring The Director/Editor Collaboration

Presented by the International Documentary Association

A good documentary editor is worth their weight in gold. More than editors working in other genres, the documentary editor is responsible for finding and shaping story, often without any kind of script.  For directors, working with the right editor is crucial. They make you better. They challenge you to see around your limitations. When you’re stymied, they help you find your way. Together, you collaborate to overcome some of the biggest challenges and obstacles in your film. It’s a true partnership, and in many ways, editors are the unheralded superstars of your favorite documentaries. Join producer/director Robert Kenner (Two Days in October, Food, Inc.), as he engages with Kate Amend, ACE (Into the Arms of Strangers, The Long Way Home), Kim Roberts (Food, Inc., Waiting for Superman) and Victor Livingston (Shakespeare Behind Bars, Crumb) in an exploration of the rewards, and challenges, inherent in the director/editor collaboration, and other pearls of wisdom from the editing room.

(NOTE: We are unable to offer a discount to Cinefamily members to this event.)