Do the Right Thing

Presented in conjunction with Fight the Power!

Greg Proops (one of the most mind-warpingly quick-draw improv comics on earth) records the latest episode of his monthly Film Club podcast live — and then it’s time for Do the Right Thing.

Da Mayor: Always do the right thing.
Mookie: That’s it?
Da Mayor: That’s it.
Mookie: I got it, I’m gone.

Greg sez: Spike Lee’s sensitive, perceptive, funny, horrifying masterpiece about race, bigotry and humanity. From the opening titles with Rosie Perez furiously dancing to Public Enemy we are off to the races. The hottest day of the summer is when Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn boils over. Mookie works for Sal the Italian guy who has fed the neighborhood pizza for years. But everyone is not happy with the state of race, sex, the white heroes on the wall, and especially – justice. When the white cops arrive the end of the day, it all explodes in a terrifying climax. Sal’s becomes the epicenter of a neighborhood dealing with all the issues we will find so pertinent in the age of Mango Mussolini and his white supremacist administration. Great performances all around and a great cast. Get down and laugh, get down and cry, get up and organize. This movie is the real deal. Come and open your mind. We are all brothers and sisters.

Dir. Spike Lee, 1989, 35mm, 120 min.