DON'T KNOCK THE ROCK: Lawrence of Belgravia

“Arguably the greatest pop star Britain never had.” — The Guardian

For the first time, fans of dreamy ‘80s U.K. indie pop can finally know the true story of Lawrence, the enigmatic bandleader of brilliant cult outfits Felt, Denim and Go-Kart Mozart. Having only screened in L.A. once before, and still without a video release of any kind, this DKTR festival opener might be your only chance to catch this film for some time to come! “At the start, the eponymous subject looks into the camera and asks: ‘Are you ready, Paul?’ It’s a question never truly answered, as director Paul Kelly indeed may not have been ready to embark on a film which ended up taking eight years to make. But Kelly chooses not to focus on Lawrence’s many ups and downs, allowing a minimal number of images of methadone, notices of eviction and arrest warrants to stand as evidence of a life unravelling. Instead, he mounts a deeply personal investigation into what makes Lawrence tick, a portrait of someone who cares little for everyday things, but instead obsesses about his art as a musician to exclusion of practically everything else. A funny, sad, insightful and refreshingly honest meditation on the mundanities and the mythology of rock and pop.” (Nicholas Abrahams, The Quietus)
Dir. Paul Kelly, 2011, digital presentation, 86 min.

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