DON'T KNOCK THE ROCK: Autoluminescent - Rowland S. Howard

“Rowland was Australia’s most unique, gifted and uncompromising guitarist. He was also a good friend. He will be missed by many.” — Nick Cave

From myth to legend, Rowland Howard (member of dark rock masters The Birthday Party, Crime & The City Solution and These Immortal Souls) appeared on the early Melbourne punk scene like a phantom out of Kafkaesque Prague or Bram Stoker’s Dracula. A beautifully gaunt, gothic aristocrat, Rowland was impeccable, with obscure tastes, and with a unique, distinctive guitar attack that shot him directly into the imagination of a generation. Beginning in the wild days of Australian ‘70s pub rock with Nick Cave and their earliest collaborators, the film delves into the promising beginnings, the overseas ventures, the falling out with friends and lovers, and the late career renaissance before illness claimed Howard too soon in 2009, at the age of 50. Autoluminescent captures moments with the man himself, and intimate missives from those who knew him behind closed doors; words and images etch light into what has always been the mysterious dark. Co-directed by Richard Lowenstein (Dogs In Space).
Dirs. Richard Lowenstein & Lynn-Maree Milburn, 2011, digital presentation, 110 min.

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