Let’s escape in our time machines, if only for a night, to remember just how far we haven’t come as a nation… all through a good, old-fashioned American skewering of perhaps the greatest bureaucratic scandal in our nation’s history: that hilarious bungle, Watergate! Post-The Craft Andrew Fleming employs teenaged, Bobby Sherman-infatuated Michelle Williams and Kirsten Dunst as his ditzy proxies through which to reimagine the genesis of famed informant Deep Throat in this late-90s, pre-Dubya, pitch-perfect political parody. As if our leading ladies weren’t enough of a star-studded sell, Dick also boasts the talents of Will Ferrell and Kids in the Hall’s Bruce McCulloch as Washington Post “radical muckraking bastards” Woodward and Bernstein, Teri Garr, Dave Foley, Ryan Reynolds, and, in perhaps the most brilliant casting turn in decades, Dan Hedaya as Tricky Dick Nixon. Never underestimate the power – flower or otherwise – of a female teenager scorned.

Dir. Andrew Fleming, 1999, 35mm, 94 min.

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